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Swan Barbers Swan Barbers Swan Barbers


Here's why our customers say they keep coming back . . .

"...I go to Swan Barbers because they have a great reputation and a very high standard of service for a reasonable price. All 3 salons are set up the same regarding layout, pricing and customer service."

"...I have been having my hair cut at the Terrace salon for 4 years. I find the standard of service and quality of the job to be excellent. I have nothing but praise for the establishment in general. I hope it remains in business for many years."

"I have always received the very best of service at Swan Barbers. The quality of your work is unrivalled and your conversation ever pleasant. My twin boys at 11, are at least as fussy as I when it comes to their appearance, and I'm pleased to say they receive the same level of professional courtesy and attention as any other customer."
Ciao for now, Menno

"As a recent convert to Swan Barbers, I'm sold on the fact I get the convenience of a barber shop coupled with the styling skills of a hair dresser. Getting in and out before work while watching Sky Sport is a real bonus."

"Excellent personalized service by staff who know what they are doing, and do it with a smile. I can't recommend them enough."


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