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Swan Barbers Swan Barbers Swan Barbers

About us

Swan Barbers is where men go to look good and feel good.

Swan Barbers You can drop in on the spur of the moment for a top quality style. We provide you with an inviting and relaxed masculine environment where you can watch Sky TV, browse the latest magazines and enjoy a personalised service.

  • Our salons are carefully located to be accessible and inviting.
  • The ambience of the salons is carefully designed to ensure you enjoy a warm and inviting atmosphere, neither too "stuffy" and old-fashioned, nor too trendy and modern.
  • You can expect to be consistently treated with respect and regard for your needs.
  • Our salons include a careful selection of current mens-interest magazines, but specifically excluding anything that may prove offensive to some, or inappropriate for our younger customers.
Our culture

We have developed a strong and positive culture, built on a foundation of values that emphasise personal responsibility, positive thought and success. The essence of the Swan Barbers values is captured in our 12 Points of Culture. These 12 Points of Culture are a critical element of our business. We live these values in our daily lives and coach, mentor, correct and support all the members of our team in these values as well.

Swan Barbers We carefully manage our culture through our selection processes for both franchisees and team members, our training programmes and our team management at all times.

We believe wholeheartedly in the development and growth of our team, and provide regular training to ensure all team members are up-to-date with latest styles and product trends. Swan Barbers is committed to supporting all of our team members to become the best they can be.

Our history

Swan Barbers was established in 1992 by Matt Swan who opened the first salon on The Terrace in Wellington, followed by the second one in Bond St with a third in Taranaki Street opening in late 2000. The Swan Barbers brand is very well known and respected in the Wellington region, with a reputation for quality service and friendly staff.

The current owner John Harris bought all three salons in June 2001 and has operated them successfully since. John has built on the foundation of a good business, and turned it into a great business with significant growth year on year.

Franchise opportunity

The Swan Barbers winning formula is now available to others who wish to own and operate a successful business through our franchise opportunities.


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